How to Stop Gambling and Save Money

Let’s analyze the urges which drive you to gamble, and figure out a way for you to take charge of your life back. Let’s save your money and your sanity.

The Vice

Compulsive gambling can be a severe vice folks. Not only does it ruin your finances, but it also takes your sanity, job, family, friends and precious time away. What leads to this addiction in the first place? — What is the thing that makes a difference between gambling for fun, and a terrible, overwhelming habit that destroys your life? This mostly depends on how you understand the term ‘to gamble.’ The only harmless way to gamble is to place some bets in case you have extra cash to spare, and if you feel like testing your luck. The problem doesn’t hide in how often you visit the casino(or any other gambling institution). People can suffer from gambling addiction even if they bet only once per week.

A lot of people claim that you can’t be a gambling addict if you have money to spare. Additionally, they believe if you have enough money even after losing, it doesn’t come with any consequences. What most people don’t quite realise is that the problem is not in the amount of money you win or lose. As long as you gamble, your state of mind is changing to the point where you lose control over your life choices. Eventually, the only thing you can think about during the day is how to feel that adrenaline rush only gambling can bring. When this becomes your everyday obsession, that’s when you’re in over your head.

If gambling is a way for you to escape the overwhelming stress, domestic disputes, and loneliness or depression — Then the first thing you should do is search for help. Did you know that gambling addiction is being referred to as the ‘deadly addiction,’ because over half of the gamblers attempt suicide rather than asking for help? This addiction is the hardest to notice because there are no physical signs like there are in alcoholism or drug abuse. And this is quite scary.

The First Step

Everyone knows the first step to healing is to admit that you have a problem. You will most probably live in denial during the initial period. But do you tend to keep this little hobby of yours a secret from everyone? Do you fear that society will not understand? — Will the people judge you and forbid you from doing it? As harsh as this sounds, you should consider that they may be right, and they only want a healthier and a better life for you. Because if you don’t, you risk waking up alone and forgotten, with no dignity or something to hold dear. So wake up, the only way it can get better is if you make it better.

It is next to impossible to try and resolve these issues on your own. Compulsive gamblers need all the help and support from the people closest to them. Try to build a safe environment around yourself, and try to break your usual routine — That way, you won’t have gambling thoughts and urges. Keep yourself busy or find an alternative hobby, even a fast-paced one if necessary. More often than not, fast sports can keep your adrenaline rushing.

Don’t go browsing for online casinos, don’t drive next to the land casino, and avoid any temptations that could trick you into gambling. What can be your primary source of motivation? — Maybe trying to avoid the feeling of loss of money and that horrible depression that follows immediately. Try to remember those days when you had to face your family, your partner, and most importantly, yourself!

Save Your Hard Earned MoneySaving Money

The way for you to save your money isn’t a magical formula or strategy — It is just that moment of realisation when you fully grasp that you need to stop. The key to liberating yourself from the chains of gamble around your neck is your determination, and the willingness to succeed. Let someone you can trust handle your finances, at least until you can be responsible for it once again. If you have no money to gamble, you will find it easier to focus on therapy. We highly recommend the Gamblers Anonymous. This is a twelve-steps group support therapy that protects your privacy. They will also give you a sponsor — This is the person you can rely on for help at any time since they’ve already overcome this addiction. If that doesn’t work for you, speaking to a therapist can also help.

Make a list of all the bad things that happened because of your gambling problem. Now make a list of all the people you hurt because of your bad habits. Does it feel bad when you read it? You should embrace this feeling — You cannot erase all the damage you’ve done, but you get away from that dark place you are in right now.

It’s Not the Gambling You Should Blame

Let’s make a couple of things clear. Gambling is not necessarily an addiction —  It was invented as a form of entertainment and distraction from the regular and dull life. And it still is, at least for the people who can make smart life choices. The lucky ones use gamble to win big money that could change their lives. The things go downhill once you start to bet on more than you can afford. Once this thin line is crossed, you can never gamble without consequences again. The only honest answer on how to save money is not to risk too much and to fight those urges by all means necessary.

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